The Thomas Brown Affair Live Session at Jazz FM

You'll be forgiven if you've not heard of the Thomas Brown Affair, their debut album was out this year - but you will have heard of the 2 collaborators, multi platinum selling singer Kenny Thomas and hit songwriter and producer, Wayne Brown. Together they are the Thomas Brown Affair.
Wayne Brown has collaborated with the likes of Billy Ocean, Ruby Turner and George Michael and now with Kenny Thomas.  As the Thomas Brown Affair, they take some of their favourite, classic songs and perform them in their own unique style.  You can see them performing at Jazz FM's studios last week below. 
But I have more to say about Kenny Thomas.  His hits 'Thinking about your love' and 'Outstanding' were definite players in the soundtrack to my teenage years, and I remember 'Trippin' on your love' being included on a mixtape for an (unrequited) love.  Such is his prominence in my youth - with the brilliant cinderella-style story of being a BT engineer one day, soul star the next (oh, the stuff teen dreams are made of...) that when I bumped into him here at Jazz FM a few years ago I went a bit silly.  The one and only time a musician has phased me - I was a positive ice maiden when I bumped into Eric Clapton in the corridor (literally, I wasn't looking where I was going), casually chatted to Gregory Porter at Love Supreme, clicked my fingers along to Stevie Wonder and played hide and seek with my kids and Branford Marsalis... but Kenny Thomas, he has a very special place in my heart.
So, I may be slightly biased when listening to them, but I think they are great - and if you haven't already clicked on the link to see them live, make sure you do.  And then maybe go and see them live.